Subskription 2012
Letzte Einträge - Bordeaux Subskription 2012
Donnerstag, 12.04.2013 - Bordeaux 2012 |

Die Überschrift "The Magic of Merlot" trifft den Nagel auf den Kopf! Der WineEnthusiast hat die Weine von Jonathan Maltus probiert:
VIEUX CHATEAU MAZERAT, 2012 Barrel sample Red (Saint-Émilion)
POINTS 94–96.
Barrel sample. A very fine, concentrated wine. Full of solid black fruits and tannins, it's seriously powerful, driven by its great fruits and intense mineral texture. For long-term aging. — R.V. (4/9/2013)

LE DOME, 2012 Barrel sample Red (Saint-Émilion)
POINTS 93–95.
Barrel sample. Lavish with chocolate, coffee aromas, this is a finely perfumed wine. The palate is packed with ripe fruits and generous tannins that yield a deliciously rich mouth feel. Spicy, wood laden and opulent. — R.V. (4/9/2013)

LES ASTERIES, 2012 Barrel sample Red (Saint-Émilion)
POINTS 92–94.
Barrel sample. Tight, firm and mineral in style, this wine is dark with expressive tannins cast over black fruits. As always, the wine is a complex expression of its fine terroir. — R.V. (4/9/2013)

LE CARRE, 2012 Barrel sample Red (Saint-Émilion)
POINTS 91–93.
Barrel sample. A fine, dense, opulent wine with a great sense of structure. It's dark and solid with tannins that are dense, dusty and brooding. It's likely to age well. — R.V. (4/9/2013)

CHATEAU LAFORGE, 2012 Barrel sample Red (Saint-Émilion)
POINTS 89–91.
Barrel sample. This is an attractively fruity wine that’s packed with blackberry flavor. The mid palate boasts fruit-cake and raisin flavors with a hint of smokiness that complement a firm tannic character. Spicy aftertaste lingers on the finish. — R.V. (4/9/2013)

CHATEAU TEYSSIER, 2012 Barrel sample Red (Saint-Émilion)
POINTS 89–91.
Barrel sample. Ripe and smoky in character, this wine is perfumed and lively with acidity. It has potential to be a delicious, fruity, friendly wine but tannins and minerality both add firmer depth. — R.V. (4/9/2013)
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